KSDE Oversight Committee- Navigating Change 2020


Meeting #1- 6/4/2020

This was a “getting to know the committee members” meeting and an opportunity to define the basic purpose of the committee along with establishing the intended workflow process. You can view the workflow and committee list here. Essentially, the purpose of this committee is to identify and bridge gaps that appear as the other two teams (operations and implementation) develop their frameworks.

Dr. Watson used a labor/contract example to illustrate the kind of gaps the oversight team will work to address. Social distancing and health concerns while students are eating lunch in the coming school year is vital. However, Watson noted, there are contract issues that must be dealt with relating to duty-free lunch. He included other examples such as recess, extra-curricular, band, orchestra, and choir, as circumstances that require additional analysis to identify and bridge operational and implementation gaps.

KASB’s, Mark Tallman, initiated discussion relating to his concern that messaging around the upcoming school year is unclear. Tallman has given recent interviews where he has been vocal regarding his concern that budgets will be cut as a result of significant shortfalls in state revenue collections. During our discussion, several of us noted that speculation can undermine public trust and cause difficulties with all publics. KSDE Director of Comms, Denise Kahler, and I are tentatively planning to develop a unified messaging framework for districts to use as they construct their messaging going forward.

Functionally, this committee is scheduled to meet each Wednesday with a hard-deadline to deliver recommendations and revisions by noon on June 29. There will likely be additional meetings and revisions after that date to assist with the final publication of all “Navigating Change” documentation.

-Marcus Baltzell, Director of Communications, KNEA